Housing & homelessness

Housing will continue to be a key priority in my next term, and I know that  healthcare, jobs, and access to financial assistance are all part of a comprehensive housing program. Already, we have made some great strides that can be implemented by both my  Administration and community leaders over the next four years. To address the housing crisis, I will push to ban no-fault evictions and invest in building new, quality affordable housing. Recently, we obtained $6 million from the state to expand emergency shelter space by 50 percent.

  • Continue Fee Waivers for Affordable Housing.

  • Continue supporting tenant protections.

  • Create a Housing Trust Fund.

  • Expand Shelter Capacity.

  • Create a low barrier shelter/navigation center.

  • Reinvent our permit process to better serve our residents, taking our processing times from weeks and months to within days.

  • Continue our partnership with the Governor’s office to use surplus state lands to build more affordable housing units.

  • Implement a Housing First Solution.

  • Continue partnership with county to deliver mental health and drug treatment services to individuals.
  • Continue partnership with CalTrans and Ready to Work to hire individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

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