public safety

Under my Administration, Stockton has seen a significant decrease in homicides (down 40% in 2018) and an increase in building trust with the police department. Through programs like Advance Peace and increased officer training, Stockton has become a shining example for reducing crime and rebuilding community trust in our police officers. Foundational to the shifts have been officer training in the concepts of procedural justice and implicit bias. In addition, the police force has reached a milestone of employing a record number of officers. The work that the police department has done through their truth and reconciliation process has contributed to the trust building and is unprecedented in Stockton’s history. As a result, Stockton has taken huge strides to become a national example of how a large city can cope with difficult public safety challenges.


    • National Night Out participation ranked 9th in the nation out of cities with populations over 300,000.

    • Homicides were reduced by 40% in 2018.

    • Fatal shootings down by 31% in 2018.

    • Stockton leads the state of California in reduction in police involved shootings.

    • Record number of police staffing at nearly 500 officers as of 2019.

    • An Urban Institute report showed the Stockton Police Department has improved considerably in all seven categories measured in a national project to improve community trust: procedural justice, police department legitimacy, police bias, community-focused policing, perceptions of the law, and relatability of police and willingness to partner with the police. (As reported in the Stockton Record on August 8, 2019).
  • Maintain the reduction in homicides and fatal shootings.

  • Continue to build trust between our police force and all our varied communities.

  • Increase the Capacity of the Office of Violence Prevention to partner with the community to provide job opportunities and other supports to those most at risk for violence.

  • Retain our current Police Officers and Firefighters by ensuring they receive competitive benefits that we can afford, as well as training and support to be successful ambassadors of our city.

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